Search Engine Optimisation

SearchMasters operates this exact domain name match "Search Engine Optimisation" site. It is an example of the sorts of rankings that can be obtained when you have search phrases in the domain name. Exact domain name match plays an important part in rankings, but only one cog of the wheel that can be used towards ranking on the search engines.

SearchMasters won the inaugural New Zealand SEO Competition held from 31 August 2010 to 28 November 2010. We competed against over 50 others to see who would get top of Google for the made up phrase "QuadraCentifiable". See our Quadracentifiable challenger website.

SearchMasters specialise in getting websites higher on Google. We have a number of New Zealand and international clients. We look forward to helping your website get not just higher on Google, but getting more conversions into sales via your website.

See our SearchMasters SEO Articles or read through selected SEO articles on this site.

5 Steps to Successful SEO

  • Search Phrase Selection - discovering the phrases people are looking for
  • Adding those phrases into the right places on your web pages
  • Correcting site-wide Search Engine Optimisation issues. Having an SEO friendly Content Management System
  • Getting more, and better incoming links than your competitors - we among the best in New Zealand at this
  • Time - waiting until Google ranks you. Google likes old websites, and old inbound links.

And let's add a bonus step - making sure that your content is unique. This site was top ten on for Search Engine Optimisation, but other websites copied the site's content. Rankings tanked to 25th! I've made the content unique again, and now let us see what happens to the rankings.

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